Tuesday, 4 September 2012

11 to go...

Wryneck - Hope Gap
As some of you will know me and a couple of other locals lads decided to try and see 300 birds in Britian this year. It has got to September and I am starting to suffer a bit of bird burn-out. Having tried and failed for the Wanstead Wryneck, then on three occasions for the Cuckmere bird I thought this could be one of those annoying species!

Anyway to cut a long story short I was well chuffed when MRE sent me a text this morning saying that he had just found one at Hope Gap. It is easy for him and MD as they both are barely part-time at their places of work! So I had to stick it out all day at work and then whizz over in the evening. Luckily me ol'mate had hung around and had re-found the bird only for it to be flushed a couple of minutes before my arrival. Luckily it re-appeared quite quickly and we had nice views in the fading light. Well done MRE nice find.

289 = 11 to go!

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