Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rainham Marshes RSPB

Baillon's Crake - Record Shot!
A very good decision which isn't usually the case for me of a first light visit for this bird on the day after its discovery! Several times this hasn't paid off and the bird has done an overnight bunk but this time I struck it VERY lucky. I arrived at c5.50am and headed straight for the Shooting Butts Hide and as I walked in I was looking straight at my first Baillon's Crake, it carefully worked its way picking its way along the reedy edges. It dissapeared up a small inlet after viewing of c5mins. I then saw the bird twice more as it flitted between juncus stands. It was not seen again that day! What a bit of luck! 291 for the year...9 to go! Apologies for the poor shot it was 5000ISO!

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