Saturday, 27 October 2012

Arlington Reservoir

Patch Gold!
 Finally managed to catch up with this little sod...I have missed two or three over the past 3 years and I finally nailed it! Many thanks to the Whitcomb's for the text about this little beauty. It was very flighty though which was a real shame and didn't allow for any decent photos though conditions were appalling.

It seemed to favour being on the dam wall but could never settle due to a number of dog walkers and passer's by. Eventually I enjoyed prolonged views once the rain had set in and it put the other visitors off. It did not seem to want to stay with the Meadow Pipits or Pied Wagtails which were also on the dam.

It showed a lot better and was much more approachable when down in the drainage ditches below the dam though it was quite often hidden amongst the vegetation. A much wanted reservoir bird and I was well chuffed. Cheers Lads

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