Thursday, 16 May 2013

CHINA - Day 1 - Beijing Airport

My trip to China began in mixed fashion...first of all my flight from Gatwick to Beijing all went smoothly and I arrived in good time for my connecting flight to Guangzhou. However the second leg of my journey was a complete disaster!

Somehow I managed to make my connecting flight in person but my luggage couldn't! There are very strict rules in China about unaccompanied luggage and there was no way round missing my flight. This was a right pain as it meant I then missed the night train I was hoping to catch to Nanning with my brother. As it turned out I eventually got another connecting flight WITH my bags and managed to make the sleeper train too.

The only birds I saw on my first day were two Eurasian Magpie on the airfield and a few Red-whiskered Bulbul in the town.

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