Monday, 2 June 2014

MEGA - Spectacled Warbler - Burnham Overy Dunes, Norfolk

Spectacled Warbler - Burnham Overy Dunes
A mental dash from work soon had myself, Chris G, Matt, Jake and his mate at Burnham Overy Dunes and after a long walk we all got onto the bird almost instantly. It was singing frequently and showing well on and off for the couple of hours we spent watching it. Incredible looking bird with a very powerfil plumage. The black/charcoal grey lores very evident as to were the bright orangey/yellow legs and rufous/pink underparts.

On arrival back at the car the day began to unravel! Chris had headed back before us to do a bit of general birding only to arrive back at the car to find we had a flat tyre. we went about fixing it...Glanfields car is pretty new and didn't have a spare tyre but a puncture repair kit instead which is fine for a hole but useless for a split so it never inflated. To cut a long story short we had numerous changeover of recovery trucks due to AA being shite and ended up home after 7hrs 25mins! Totally grim!
Spectacled Warbler - Burnham Overy Dunes

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