Saturday, 30 August 2014

Dungeness RSPB

Melodious Warbler - Dengemarsh Gully, Dungeness

Melodious Warbler - Dengemarsh Gully, Dungeness
It doesn't usually take much persuasion to get me to go birding in the Dungeness area of Kent as it is one of my favourite places. There is always something to see there and there are some really nice areas to bird which generally speaking are usually pretty quiet. With Red-necked Phalarope, Melodious Warbler and Wryneck all on off I decided to head that way after I had finished moth trapping at Gatwick. 

On arrival I headed straight to the ARC Pit to have a looked for the Red-necked Phalarope which I really wanted to see. As soon as I arrived a quickly picked the bird up whizzing round like a spinning top in the company of a Dunlin and a few Lapwing. This was the third I have seen in Britain all of which have been  autumn juveniles.

I then moved on to the Dengemarsh Gully area to have a look for the Wryneck and the Melodious Warbler. When I got there a couple of people had said that the Wryneck hadn't been seen for a few hours and the Melodious Warbler had done a bunk too. I wandered off to do a bit of looking and stumbled across the Melodious a little further up the Gully. It showed nicely in very blowy conditions and was my second in Kent and fifth in Britain.

Red-necked Phalarope - ARC Pit, Dungeness RSPB

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