Saturday, 18 April 2015

Scilly - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron - Hell Bay, Bryher
An excellent if knackering twitch with MRE which started with us leaving at 2.30am and heading down to the west country. Soon enough we were on the lovely old vessel that is the Scillonian III and on our merry way to my favourite place...the Isles of Scilly. Not much on the way over save for a few Manxies.

On way to Bryher!
As soon as we docked on St Mary's we were whisked onto a inter-island boat which before long was chugging its way across a pretty rough Tresco Channel bound for Bryher. As you can see from the picture above it was lovely weather and everyone was really enjoying the crossing!

Great Blue Heron to ourselves!
 Being of a slightly younger generation to most of the birders on the boat has its advantages as we caned it over Timmy's Hill and enjoyed the Heron before most of the other day-trippers arrived. Soon enough everyone was there and we all enjoyed cracking views of this absolutely stonking yank heron.

Decent crowd
 Finally this is now the closest I have come to seeing a Scilly Shrew...oneday! This was nearly warm so I am definitely getting closer to seeing one! Sadly we couldn't find the Black Duck or see any Night Heron's on the Great Pool but it was always going to be a long shot!

Dead Scilly Shrew
See you in October!

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