Saturday, 1 December 2012

Local bits

Arlington Reservoir
A chilly start at the reservoir was a complete waste of time as I could not see further than 25yds into the water beacause of thick fog! Brilliant...there were quite a few birds along the access track which included Bullfinch and Greenfinch. Also evident was a marked increase in Blackbird numbers.

Lismore Road, Eastbourne

After my last visit I was not holding out much hope of seeing these birds again and when I arrived low and behold there was no sign. I decided to check my pager and see if the ones at the Ouse Estuary Project had been news. I then looked up at the single Rowan and BINGO there they were. Only two the entire time I was present but always magic birds in my opinion. Waxwing gets my British yearlist to 310!

Princes Park

Only thing of note was a single Little Grebe however I was surprised to see half of the lake frozen.

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