Friday, 8 February 2013

Bonaparte's Gull Again!!!

Black-headed Gull - Danish bird I think

I couldn't resist another look for the Bonaparte's Gull on Friday and as it hadn't come on the pager on Thursday I thought I might have the bird to myself...I arrived to the news that it had not been seen by a birder just leaving. I decided I could try and have a look for the Black-headed Gull with a ring I wanted to read anyway. I walked onto the lake and there were about 30 birders...Darn it! Everyone was just sitting round the lake so I nipped back to the car and grabbed a couple of bags of bread...I started flicking a few bits of bread out and soon enough the colour ringed gull I was after landed in front of me letting me grab a few shots (see above).

After about half a loaf (20 mins) I heard a familiar call from the other day and the little american sprite bundled in to the mix. I soon alerted the 20+ birders that were left on site and we all enjoyed stunning views of the bird as it munched through about a loaf of bread! I couldn't resist a few more pictures so here are three more!

Bonaparte's Gull - Princes Park
Bonaparte's Gull - Princes Park
Bonaparte's Gull - Princes Park

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