Thursday, 16 May 2013

CHINA - Day 3 - Qing Xiu Shan, Nanning

This was my first real day of birding and me and my brother headed to Qing Xiu Shan which was a mountain on the edge of the city of Nanning. We paid a small entrance fee and headed up into the mountain. Luckily my brother had visited before and new his way around the may roads that to me all looked the same!

Japanese White-eye
This place was amazing compared to the town park we visited yesterday with birds seemingly everywhere. There was birdsong coming from every bush and it was pretty overwhelming trying to sort through and see each of the birds that was calling or singing. The most common bird here was the Japanese White-eye which gave many different calls which confused the hell out of me to start with!

Much of the habitat was alive with birdsong but due to the nature of the vegetation it was actually incredibly hard to see the birds that were singing. It became quite frustrating in the end and I then realised that identifying all the birds I could hear was going to be near-on impossible.

There were some species that were determined to get seen however and one such species was the Common Tailorbird. These birds were seen absolutely everywhere and had a really ear-piercing call which got quite irritating by the end of the holiday!

Common Tailorbird
There was also a nice mix of birds throughout the park with many new birds for me. Birds such as Eyebrowed Thrush were seen but not photographed due to their skulking nature. Of the new birds some of them did show well such as Spotted Dove. I also managed to get brief views of an Orange-headed Thrush too which turned out to be my only one of the holiday.

Orange-headed Thrush

Spotted Dove
There were also a number of Eastern Great Tit as well as several Green-backed Tit's which again was a new bird for me and pretty similar to the Great Tit's from home.

Green-backed Tit

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