Thursday, 16 May 2013

CHINA - Day 4 - People's Park, Nanning

People's Park - Nanning
Me and my brother got on his moped and went for a look around the People's Park on the outskirts of Nanning. It was very different to Qing Xiu Shan and a lot busier. There was also a feel of the whole place being planted and manicured rather than wild.

Nonetheless there were plenty of birds around and I also managed to find the main lake which was being drained! It was such a result as it meant that all the birds were concentrated around the only area with water in so I hardly needed to search the rest of the huge lake.

Chinese Pond Heron
There were a number of birds making the most of the drained pond not least a group of 13 Chinese Pond Heron, 2 Little Egret and a large group of Red-rumped Swallows, Asian House Martin and Barn Swallows. Also taking advantage of the exposed mud were a family of Citrine Wagtails which were feeding young with the flies hatching from the silt.

Citrine Wagtail

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