Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cuckmere Haven - American Golden Plover

American Golden Plover - 1st Summer
A brilliant find by Matt Eade and not an easy bird to sort out. Luckily it stayed put for a few hours and was able to be closesly scrutinized. It was a very educational bird for me in particular as I have only previously seen Juv/1st Winter birds on the Scillies.

Although in a difficult stage of moult there were several points which gave away its identity and confirmed it as an American rather than a Pacific or Eurasian. The features I noted were long primary projection, well past the tail. A seemingly long legged appearance, a lack of white line/edging to the black in the sides of the breast and the grey underwing which can be seen well on JFC's photo here and MRE's photo here.

It was a particularly confiding bird, which was seemingly not bothered by the birders, cyclists or even dogs which passed it just metres away. It was also catching lots of worms which I assume were lugworms though I stand to be corrected!

It was good to see all the Sussex lads out in force for what is a really good county bird. Well done again to Matt, it was a fantastic find and not an easy one either. The only slight disappointment was when Bagger's arrived he didn't run past me!!!! Good compensation was had by George K who definitely won best dressed birder! Good times...

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