Thursday, 8 August 2013

Charleston Reedbed

Reed Bunting
Another session ringing at the reedbed was once again good. After GD caught 92 birds yesterday none of the ringing group were expecting much this morning especially as we arrived to less than ideal conditions for the site.

After a slow start however it became obvious that there had been a clear out of yesterdays birds with very few retraps and a lot of new birds had arrived. Namely some 50+ Willow Warbler of which we caught 38 new birds.

Still good numbers of new Reed Warblers being caught with 18 new birds this morning which sends us over 150 for the year already. Other nice birds to see were yet more Lesser Whitethroats as well as another juvenile Reed Bunting. Also of note was another Garden Warbler which we seem to be doing rather well for so far. In total we caught 72 new birds which is a great total for this early in the season.

Lesser Whitethroat

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