Tuesday, 11 February 2014

MEGA - Yellow-rumped Warbler, Co. Durham

Yellow-rumped Warbler - Honest!
After what seemed an age the RSPB and Durham Bird Club eventually managed to sort out access for this little American waif which had been found during the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch. A plan was hatched that CG would drive and if he got knackered me or MRE would help out. The entire crew also consisted of the Bookers and Simon. We left at 2.00am and arrived shortly after 7.00am and even fitted in a nice breakfast one route!

Just short of Durham it started to snow and I was sitting in the back of the car thinking the worst. My last trip to the extreme north-east of England resulted in a big fat dip in the form of a White-throated Robin. Anyway when we arrived on site we couldn't find a single birder or anyone who looked like a birder! Soon enough we managed to locate the area and within a couple of minutes of it getting light eagle-eyed Matthew Robert Eade managed to find the wobbler.

We watched the bird for a couple of hours as it fed on the fat balls and the coconut feeders hung in the hedgeline. It seemed to be in a pretty steady routine and every so often chased a Blue or Coal Tit but was getting owned by a couple of over-aggressive Robins. We left the site just after 9.30am and I was back in plenty of time for my meeting at work. Many thanks to CG for the driving and to the rest of the lads for banter and air bummin!

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