Saturday, 8 February 2014

Kumlien's Gull - Littlehampton

Kumlien's Gull - 1st Winter
An excellent find by Harry, Dan and Mike today and well worth the effort of getting down there. On arrival the bird was nowhere to be seen and within a couple of minutes a huge flock of gulls flushed off the golf course and almost immediately I managed to pick the bird out. It flew right over our heads and eventually joined a throng of other gulls feeding in the surf.

Kumlien's Gull - 1st Winter
After a short time feeding in between the groynes just east of the river mouth it gradually drifted towards us as we stood on the pier. It played in the westerly wind for a while and eventually settled on the sea before moving off back towards the golfcourse. A cracking bird and nice to see a full suit of features. Sadly I didn't see the adult Glaucous Gull whilst waiting but a single Med Gull was whizzing around.

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