Thursday, 26 February 2015

Northumberland & Cheshire

Cheswick Sands - Northumberland
A very long round trip which started by me driving from Sussex to Cheswick Sands on the Northumberland coast in search of the drake Black Scoter which had been present for what seemed like ages but in reality was probably a couple of months and it seemed to be pretty faithful to the area of sea of Cheswick Beach.

To cut a long story short I couldn't find the Scoter I 6hrs of searching but did have cracking views of Long-tailed Ducks and Eider is full summer spank plumage. I was planning on staying somewhere between Newcastle and Liverpool so it wasn't too far from the Laughing Gull in the morning. I decided to change my hotel however as I was sure the Scoter would be present the next day so I ended up staying in Newcastle. The next morning there was again no sign in a 4 hour search so I decided to give in and head to New Brighton. The only thing of note I saw was this natural compass which was where a single piece of Marram grass was being blown by the incredibly strong winds.

Natural compass!
Next stop was in New Brighton, Wirral. As I pulled up next to the Marine Lake the 1st winter Laughing Gull was on show immediately but straight away vanished when I got out the car only to return to mug people of chips on the promenade. It eventually settled down nicely and showed ridiculously well. A cracking bird and a British tick for me too which was a bonus and a nice one to finally get back.

Laughing Gull - New Brighton, Wirral
Laughing Gull - New Brighton, Wirral

Laughing Gull - New Brighton, Wirral

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