Tuesday, 9 June 2015

1st for Sussex - Hudsonian Whimbrel

Hudsonian Whimbrel - Church Norton

Hudsonian Whimbrel - Church Norton
Whilst at work today I got a message from Jake G saying that George Kinnard had found a very interesting Whimbrel with no white rump patch and a very pale face and he was pretty sure it was a Hudsonian Whimbrel. Soon enough I was on route as it George had now confirmed it had cinnamon toned axillaries. On arrival there were several Whimbrel around and eventually we found this stunning first for Sussex.

A huge well done to George for nailing this, it was a fantastic find and hopefully is the first biggie of many for you mate. You totally deserve it too for all the hours you put in out in the field. I must also say thanks to Jake Gearty for sending out the news so promptly so everyone could enjoy this stunning bird. Also a quick well done to Matt for getting to 300 in the county...superb effort mate.

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