Monday, 22 June 2015

Bee-eaters at Littledene

Bee-eater - Littledene
Whilst packing up at work I was surprised to look at my phone to see that there was a message saying there were 10+ Bee-eaters at Littledene from Charlie P. I thought it was a joke to start off with but soon enough I got hold of Charlie and he confirmed it was true and that they were still present. I hurried back from work and soon enough got cracking views of 11 Bee-eaters readily hunting and catching tons of bees.

They offered fantastic views as they fed around the house to the east of the road to Littledene. At one point they all flew around together and though difficult to find there were 11 despite what other thought! I really wanted a group shot but the two below were the only ones I managed. The bottom photo I would never normally put on my blog however when all of the dots are Bee-eaters it had to be put up!

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