Sunday, 21 June 2015

Terek Sandpiper - Church Norton

Terek Sandpiper - Church Norton
Yet another stonking bird for the county was discovered this morning at Pagham Harbour RSPB and once again it was at Church Norton found by birders looking for the Hudsonian Whimbrel. I have seen one Terek Sandpiper before in the county which was at Rye Harbour on the 25th May 2013 so I was not in a desperate rush to get down for this bird and I had a busy day at work on anyway so couldn't have got there any sooner than this evening.

On arrival Nick and Claire Oliver were on the shingle spit and pointed me in the dirction of the of the Sandpiper which was currently out of view. Eventually it came up out of the river channel as the tide receded and it showed nicely in the late evening sunshine. I was soon joined by Richard Fairbank, Lee Evans and Dick Filby before the 'Derek' took flight and landed in the main channel and totally out of view. Richard and Dick headed up onto the shingle spit but I decided to head home. Another cracking spring bird and even better it wasn't on a small island!

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