Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Scillies 2013 - Day 5 - Weds 9th October

Got the early bus up to Telegraph with Jay and Paz to see if we could relocate the Red-necked Grebe which was seen from St Martin's yesterday. We decided our best chance was to see it from Bar Point and eventually we managed to find it which was a nice Scillies tick for me. We carried on round the top of the island and saw a couple of Siskin at Trenoweth which again was a Scillies tick for me but no surprise I managed to see one this year as they bred on St Mary's this year.

Wryneck - Borough Farm
We started to wend our way back down the island taking in a showy Wryneck at Borough Farm which was using the hedges to hide in before feeding avidly on the floor. At this point I decided to leave Jay and Paz at the Riding Stables and head down to Rocky Hills as a 'funny' looking Reed Warbler had been found. I arrived and saw the bird straight away and it looked pretty standard to me so I began to wander off. Then the pager mega'd which usually not bothered when on the Scillies as news normally comes out on the radio first. I looked down however and it read...

MEGA: SCILLY - SORA on Tresco at Great Pool

I legged it to the quay and eventually met Jay and Paz there and we all got the boat over. This was a massive bird for me and I was desperate to see it. Soon enough the boat was full and we were on our way. I pretty much ran the whole way from Carn Near to the Swarovski Hide and had brilliant views in the end of this stunning american rail. I was chuffed to bits and it made the whole trip for me. A magic bird and best of all it was an adult which was the plumage I so wanted to see.

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